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In Ohio, local communities are allowed, by law, to join their citizens together to buy energy as a group for a bulk-buying practice that increases their buying power and leads to price stability.

This is called governmental aggregation.

Communities must meet necessary requirements established by state regulators, like voter approval through a ballot issue, before a governmental aggregation can be implemented.

On November 3, 2020, you'll have an opportunity to vote on governmental energy aggregation.

Energy Aggregation

  • You will have the option to opt-out if you choose not to participate
  • You will receive the same billing, service, meter reads and delivery from your local utility.
  • You will have price protection and stability year-around.

What is energy aggregation?

Energy aggregation allows local officials to bring the community together to increase buying power. The community receives competitively-priced energy from a retail supplier.

When will New Miami aggregation programs start?

The referendum has to pass by majority vote in the November election. Once majority of voters authorize aggregation, the Village will develop a plan of operations to address how the aggregation program will work. The Village will hold 2 public meetings to allow residents to ask questions about the adopted aggregation plan. The Village must also apply to be certified as an aggregator with the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio. After receiving certification, the Village will then negotiate the best start date and price.

How can residents participate?

The selected retail supplier will mail notices to eligible residents. The notice will include the negotiated program start date, duration and price. The notice will also provide options for residents to opt-out if they do not wish to participate.

Who is eligible?

Residents and small businesses (using less than 500 Mcf/year for gas, 700,000 kWh/year for electric) who are within the boundaries of the community and receive energy from the local utility are eligible. Residents under contract with another supplier, PIPP customers, customers in arrears on their payment to the utility and mercantile customers are not eligible.

Does billing or service change?

No. The same billing, service, meter reads and delivery will be provided from the local utility. On the bill, the retail supplier will be listed, along with the special rate negotiated.

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Open House Information

All of the above meetings will take place at:

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